Beagle Dog

Beagle dog is a type of hound dog, size from

small to medium build

Beagle Dog sittingshort legs, long ears appearance and ranging

from short to long and soft to hard coat fur, 

with white and reddish to brown or black tanned colour.


They are a happy-go-lucky kind of dog, loyal, patient, fun and adorable to be with and child friendly breeds.


They primarily track and love to chase hares and rabbits. But today’s Beagle you find them living with a family, while some use them as a hunting or tracking dog because of their well developed sense of smell and classified as the best dog sniffers.


In saying that, they are a merry little dog and happy to curl and share TLC (True Loving Care) to it’s owner,

as long they’ve had sufficient exercise everyday.


Beagle dog enjoys company and they also like to socialize with people around them.

Although they can be mischievous if they lack exercise or company. You will start to

realize this once you see your Beagle dog breaking things in your house or jumping up

and down on your legs.


Beagle dog is a civilized little hound with occasional stubbornness but they are great dogs if

they are well trained and properly looked after.


Beagle dog’s not for everyone. Mostly for people who works long hours with no time to

interact with their dogs or give them the sufficient attention.

You will find them destructive and they can make a mess in and out of your house or try and dig their way out of your yard and leave. Most people suggest to keep them in a house rather than outside your yard as you will find them trashing something in your yard the next morning.


As a dog, it is highly suggested to give them just enough exercise and good food to stimulate their needs, in return Beagle dogs will adore you and they can be a great company to be with.



Beagle Dog Facts

Here are some facts about your beagle dogs.

  • Beagle dogs were said to exist for 2000 years ago in Ancient Greece and it was used to hunt rabbits and hares.  
  • Male grows up to 13-15 inches with an average  weight of 21-25 pounds.
  • Can live 10-13 years
  • Most Beagle have Tri-color coat with red to brown shading, jet black to faint black and white color shading.
  • Required leash for obedience training
  • Mischievous and annoying if not properly trained
  • Beagle Dogs Prone to eye problems.
  • Required lots of exercise and healthy food
  • Beagle Dogs are Prone to back problems 
  • Love to socialize and great with kids
  • Beagle Dogs are Prone to epilepsy
  • Great Family pet
  • Beagle Dogs are Prone to heart disease
  • Must be kept inside the house
  • Beagle Dogs are Prone to ear infections
  • Well developed sense of smell
  • Tracking dogs
  • Beagle Dogs have the best hunting skills
  • Poor Guard Dogs as they can easily won over
  • Intelligent and Obedient Dogs
  • Beagle Prone to Separation Anxiety
  • Get along with other Dogs
  • Prone to disk diseases
  • Beagle Prone to injury

Beagle Dog Training Tips

First Step to training your Beagle Dog

If you have a beagle puppy or a dog, you will worry about your dog whether they will listen to you or not, and even more importantly, you will worry about how they interact with people and other dogs. Dogs in general, doesn’t know right and wrong way and it is important that training your beagle dog is one of the first things you will think about when you bring a new one at home. 

Resources to help you along the way

You can go to classes to help you in training your dog, or you can go online like forums or blogs that talks specifically about Beagles or another way to learn fast is to buy DVDs to help you do it yourself. 

Who's the Boss

When training your beagle dog or puppy you have to let your dog or puppy that you are the boss. Dogs needs a leader to know what to do and how to act. If you don’t show you are the master or leader, you will soon see how they will misbehave or get out of control.


Training your beagle dog isn’t that hard but can be a pain and a problem later on if you don’t train them well. All you have to do is just let them know who’s the boss. 


It’s also about your body language that you show them and the tone of your voice. 

You may command what they have learnt from you but if you don't have enough confidence to tell them what you want them to do they might not listen at all if you don't mean it.

Difficulty Training your Beagle

If you’re having trouble or problem training your beagle, you can always try again and again until your beagle understands. But if you’re still having difficulty, there’s always other ways to teach them by using other sources, like DVD's or online training course.


If you chose to use a DVD tutorial for training your dog, you maybe missing something as you go about teaching your beagle. If this doesn’t work at all, you most definitely should try an obedience class. If you still have no success, you can always try your local veterinarian to get some output from them or check to see if your beagle dog has no medical issues that’s causing the problem.

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Beagle Puppy House Training

House Training your Puppy

House training your beagle takes some patience and must follow an going schedule.  Most beagle puppies respond and follow a schedule because it gets them used to doing the same thing and they learn the behavior you want easier.    

Urine Training

First step would be to determine your puppy's limit in holding his urine.  

Its handy to keep a diary or calendar and mark down the days when your beagle dog urinate or poop. You will spot a pattern between eating when they do this.  Most time your beagle puppy will usually have to go after they eat, drink, play or sleep.  And most beagle dogs need to be taken out up to three to five times a day in case they have drank an excessive amount of water.  Another best thing to do is when you take him out for a stroll or walk around the block and trying to get him to potty. This could take some time but at least it takes away the problems cleaning up if you take your beagle into your house. 

Potty Training you Beagle Puppy – Indoor or Outdoor

When potty training your beagle puppy you have to make a decision whether you will train your puppy indoor or outdoor.


If you train your beagle puppy indoor it’s a good idea to have an old paper around where you are going to potty train your puppy. I would suggest to potty train somewhere away from traffic of people like the laundry or an accessible area to garage where your puppy can easily get out and in to your house. Don’t teach your beagle puppy to potty train around your living or kitchen area as this could be unpleasant to other people and cause problems.


The ideal potty training would be outdoor, at least your house is not exposed to dog waste. In saying this, you could also teach your beagle puppy new tricks or walk your puppy around your yard. This also eliminates the worry of dog waste indoor.

Praise your Beagle Puppy

The most important thing when training your Beagle Puppy is to praise your dog when they show a good behaviour. You can do this by giving them something in reward, like an attention from you or at the same time with a treat. If you wait and praise him later, it won't be effective.  

Beagle Puppy Territory – Indoor

Another good advise when your beagle puppy tries to find a spot or territory to urinate or poop is to close all doors to rooms with carpets or rugs. When your beagle does have an accident, use a pet odor neutralizer so they won’t go back to the same spot to where they went last time. 


More information on training your Puppy…

There’s alot of information online that you can train your beagle puppy when they are growing up. But you will find more of this from experience while growing with your puppy. This could be from understanding your pet’s attitude towards you, your beagle’s character when you train your pet and from other dog owners who will advice you…


Beagle Dogs Name

How to choose the right name for your Beagle pet?

So you just got yourself a Beagle dog. Normally a few people will start thinking of a dog’s name straight away. But some takes time until they know their dog’s attitude and dog’s character.


Some use this method without knowing because they like to specially name their beagle dog that reflects to the friendship and character they bring. But if you have children, your kids will know exactly what to name them. And I highly suggest to go for that name as the bond between your beagle dog and your children is the most important part as they will grow together and they will share a connection as being friends.


While some beagle dog owners will think of something short, classy, bold names. While some will think of something unusual names.


I've found a website that can help you find your dog’s name. Please feel free to browse and think carefully what name you are going to give your dog. As the special time is when you give your dog a name as this start a whole new bond between you and your beagle dog. And also the only time when you are ready to give your beagle dog a name is when you feel comfortable calling your dog with that name and if your dog immediately responds to the name that you have given them.

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Beagle Obedience Training

First Step to Beagle Obedience Training.

No one likes to hear a noisy Beagle and certainly no one likes to meet an aggressive Beagle dog on the street. Most dogs cannot be blamed for their actions or behavior problem, but there are ways to change them. Dog owners have the best of intentions, but have no idea how to turn their annoying pup into a sweet and well-tempered dog. This is how an obedience dog training is a great idea to help manage your beagle dog problem and help the owner to make their Beagle to be obedient.

Beagle Obedience Training Class in your Local Community.

You can find obedience dog training around your local community and normally have programs on how to have your dog to be obedient. 


In other cases, you may find obedience dog training available through your local pet store. Many chains have classes and they might offer these classes throughout the year. It’s good to ask how much it cost and ask them the schedule to fit your time as well. Beagle obedience training classes are held a few times during the day, but you can also find ones that are run in the evening hours and on the weekends.


Before getting to obedience school it is better to ask what kind of training you expect from them when you learn how to teach your Beagle. 


Many courses cover the basics of teaching your dog and what to do when your beagle dog has a problem. They may teach the basics that most of us are familiar with, including sitting, heeling, and to stop barking. You may also find out secrets on how to stop aggressive behavior against other dogs and human beings.


Once you have under gone the obedience training with your beagle dog, and you still have that doubt or unsolved problem  in your head. 

There is no harm of asking a one on one session with the trainer and your pet. This might cost little more but in the long run it’s worth it between you and your beagle.


In addition, it’s good to ask your dog trainer if they can give a helping hand when you have a problem with your beagle dog. Also it’s good to know other parts you are lacking about training your dog.  Furthermore, ask as many questions that you might have, so at least the dog trainer can give you guidance with your beagle dog problem and help you as the owner of what’s best for your Beagle.

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Beagle Grooming Tips

Simple Step to Grooming your Beagle

Beagle dog grooming can be performed by the owner or from a professional pet groomer. If you are a do it yourself person, there are several safety tips you might want to keep in mind. When grooming your beagle dog, it must be calm during the pet grooming experience. Any unsafe practices can cause problems and emotional stress to your animal and damage the trust level between you and your beagle.

Clip excess ear hair

When cutting your beagle dog try clipping the excess hair that forms in the ears. Any excess hair can trap bacteria and causes problem down the line because of the build up moisture. This minor problem will cause ear infections or it can become a breeding ground for ear mites if not treated carefully. 


This kind of complication to your beagle can cause problems to your pet in a great deal of discomfort. Infections cause the animal to scratch and shake their head. Mites can actually cause the animal to do damage and rupture their inner canal once they stick their nails inside trying to scratch. 


Professional pet groomers have specialized equipment to remove ear hair, but for beginners you can use nose hair trimmers. When using clippers, it's advisable to stroke them because the clippers may scare your beagle.

Shave or not to Shave?

Another mistake as a beginner is to shave their beagle dog really short. The coat protects the dog from the cold and also from the sun. This can cause serious skin damage or problem to your beagle and one of them can cause skin rashes when it's fur is short.


When using a clipper, always brush the hair backwards against the grain and then clip the hair with the grain. Beagle owner may use home hair clippers, but it's best to try and clip the hair in one unnoticeable area before continuing the entire job. Home pet grooming is an inexpensive way to keep your pet healthy and happy, but also a way to get your beagle injured. Just a note, you have to be careful when clipping the underbelly as this can be painful feeling to clip the beagles nipples.

Beagle Nail Clipping

An essential part of pet grooming is the trimming of your beagle’s nails. This is important because long nails can cause pain to your beagle's feet and they can be use this as weapon whether on purpose or by an accident. The nails can also cause damage to furniture or carpet. 


There are precautions when cutting the beagle’s nail as they are just not your normal human nail.

Professional pet groomers clip the nail by trimming over the diameter of the nail and not angled at all.


To try this task at home, you must know where to cut and how deep down the nail to clip. The trick is to locate the cuticle and not to cut into it. There is a vein that runs part way up the nail starting at the base. 


Within this vein there are blood vessels and nerve endings.  If you should happen to cut into this vein, the nail will begin to bleed and there will certainly be pain and problems involved. If your beagle shows any sign of pain, make sure you stop what you're doing and comfort the animal.


If not, get a professional pet groomer instead. You might be trying to save a couple of bucks but when you injure your beagle it might cost three or four times as you’re beagle might end up having bigger problems with getting medical attention by your vet or your pet groomer.

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Beagle Separation Anxiety

How to deal with Separation Anxiety Problem with your Beagle?

Dogs are pack animals, as his family, you are his pack.  When you leave him alone, he feels lost and scared.  Often loud noises will frighten him.  His howling and destructiveness are the only way he has of showing his displeasure.  You can help your beagle through this with patience.

Steps to Make Your Beagle Comfortable.

First Step is to try to find a comfortable zone or a room that isn't close to a street or other traffic.  If you are to buy a crate specifically for the size of your beagle dog. This will help your dog to feel more comfortable.  Even placing a toy and an item of clothing that smells like you will increase that comfort.

Build your Beagle Dog Confidence.

Second Step is to leave your dog a few minutes alone.  Your beagle needs to be confident that you will return.  Gradually extend the amount of time as he becomes more comfortable. Praise him greatly for every time he waits quietly.  If all fails, talk with your vet and see if he can prescribe some type of anti-anxiety medication to give your beagle dog when you need to be away.  


Your beagle dog can't help his anxiety problem.  You’re his safety and he feels lost without you.  Give your dog time and patience and he will eventually learn to tolerate your absence.  There is no reason to have a healthy dog put down because he loves you so much and misses you when you are gone.  Work with him.  You and your beagle will both benefit from this.

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Beagle Barking Problems

Having Problems with your Barking Beagle?

Dogs bark because we humans want our dogs to bark. For years our domestication process and selective breeding has allowed our dogs to develop their barking abilities.


Most dogs simply bark to communicate, to get attention, or simply to show their excitement. 

If you reward your beagle dog for barking, he will continue to do so.  The best thing is to figure out what your beagle is trying to tell you and go from there.


If you have a beagle dog that barks too much, try to to understand and figure out what your dog is trying to tell you.  If it is out of need for attention, the way to break the cycle is to wait for him to be quiet and then give him the attention he needs.  By acknowledging the barking, you reinforce it.  Waiting until he quiets, will teach him that he gets attention when he is not barking.


Taking the time to discover what your beagle dog is communicating will result in less stress for both you and him.  Your dog will get much needed attention and you will get quiet.  It's a situation you both win.

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Beagle Jumping Problems

How to stop my Beagle jumping all the time?

If you find your beagle dog jumping too often or finding them jumping on you all the time. This means they need attention, lack of exercise or they missed you alot.


Beagle dog likes to interact with people  but this kind of excitement sometime’s annoying or painful, mostly when you just came from work and you feel really tired. I have made three steps methods to prevent them from jumping and they are…

Step 1

The first step that you can do to prevent them from jumping is to kneel down to your beagle’s level.  This will eliminate your dog from jumping and they can see you face to face. Your dog will understand that there is no point for them to jump once you give them that face to face attention they want

Step 2

Another method that you can use is to turn around and look up and ignore your beagle, until they sit down and stops from jumping.  But make sure don’t give your beagle any attention or any kind of acknowledgement, as this will trigger your dog to get excited again. However if your beagle stops from jumping, your beagle will understand the reason why you ignored him.

Step 3

Another method for your beagle dog is to wait for them to jump on you and then grab their paws and hold the front legs and walk backwards. After a couple of slow walking backwards, gently set his front paws on the ground and say a command like “down” or “sit”. Dog’s hate to walk backward. So, if your beagle dog tries to jump on you again, you can use this alternative and give them the same consistent method all the time.  Eventually this will prevent your beagle dog from jumping.

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Beagle Chewing Problems

How to stop my Beagle Pet from chewing?

You cannot blame your beagle when they chew alot, this mostly occur when they are in their puppy stage. The only way to stop them from chewing is to provide some training or pay attention to what your dog or puppy doing. Then understand why they’re doing it. 


Your second step is to prevent this from happening, find a solution by asking your local pet store or your vet.


Some beagle owners finds a different solution to their own problem about their dog or puppy. Without understanding your beagle, you will not know what solution you can provide them.

Here are some of the reason why your beagle chew.

  • Your dog will chew anything out of curiosity
  • Boredom, lack of attention or lack of exercise
  • It’s their dog behavior and they want to explore the “feel and taste” of what they pick up.
  • Puppies does chew alot as just like a human baby they have sore gums and they want to grind and chew on something to soothe the ache.


To stop your dog chewing, you have to prevent this from happening by:

  • Crate training your beagle when they’re still a puppy.
  • Eliminate and clear the important and dangerous items that is reachable by your beagle
  • Give your beagle dog a rawhide bone or any kind of chewable dog toys.
  • Don’t make your dog in a habit of snatching those forbidden items as they will always target them again and again. They will think of this as a game to them.
  • Give your beagle a different toy everyday so they will not get bored with one type


If you’re still having beagle problems with chewing, ask other beagle dog owners as they can be helpful and will alway give you advise. You’re great source would be the internet like forums or blogs. But also there’s a lot of comprehensive information that you can gather like this one for example (title).

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Beagle Biting Problems

What to observe when Beagle is about to bite?

Beagle dogs are obedient and cunning dogs. They can be an angel but of course, as long they’re a dog, they do have in their blood to occasionally bite.


It’s just natural for a beagle dog to bite as this is part of their dog behavior.

If your dog start to bite you they want to show superiority and they feel like the boss over you. This kind of sign shows that you as a owner, don’t show enough communication nor give enough time to your beagle dog. Your dog shows this kind of misbehavior because it hasn’t been trained properly or your beagle dog thinks it’s fun.


These are a few things to observe when your pet is about to bite and take precaution.

  • If your beagle dog shows roughness when they play around with you than your usual playtime.
  • If your beagle dog is threatened and became defensive by showing it’s teeth or start to get agitated.
  • If your beagle dog’s been suddenly frightened or been accidentally hit by a car. Your dog will show more emotion and could lash out if you suddenly approach the dog.

There are a few ways you can stop your Beagle from biting by…

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Beagle Aggression Problems

What to do with Beagle Dog Aggression Problem?

Just like other dogs Beagle dogs has their behavior problems as well.

Aggression includes not enough physical exercise, a traumatize dog, fear related, a beagle in pain, allergic reaction that causes them to get irritated and go wild, too much protein in their diet or having your beagle dog exposed to dangerous toxic substance that lies around your house.


It is highly suggested to use heavy duty dog muzzles and a leash when your beagle dog is acting aggressively against other people. It is important to take precaution if you are walking with your beagle dog as your dog might harm people or other animal around them.


If you find you beagle dog acting in a strange way or misbehaving frequently, it doesn’t hurt to get your dog a check up with your local vet. It is best to ask what’s making your beagle dog having behavior problems at least this way you understand what is happening with your dog and ask your vet what you need to do to stabilize your beagle’s behavior.


You could also ask your local dog trainer or dog specialist around your area.

As they may be able to find and treat your beagle dog what’s causing the aggression behavior. Also ask your local dog trainer some positive pointers too, to help you bring your beagle dogs’ aggression. Try not to use some negative methods as your dog can react and get aggressive to you and the behavior of your beagle dog can get a lot worse.

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Beagle Dogs – Feeding the Right Diet

Consult a Vet for the right diet for your Beagle

When feeding your beagle dog you need to find the correct diet for them. Some of the question would be -  What kind of food do you use?  What are his nutritional requirements?  Will he like what you give him?  Make sure your vet is involved in his diet planning.  Make sure the dog's food is healthy and tasty.


Home made diets are important when feeding your beagle dog. Many times, you will find in supermarkets that consist of food items that have artificial coloring agents and flavoring agents that are harmful to the dog's body. Home made food items have the guarantee of freshness in the preparation unlike the ready-made commercial items that you buy from the supermarket. Also you know exactly what you are feeding your dog when you make home made dog food.


Preservatives added in the commercial food items may not be suitable to your beagle dog. Canned food have the highest water content and also contain less nutrition. 


The purpose of home made dog food is to have restricted protein supply when preparing food for your dog. Home made food diets may be made with grounded beef, boiled eggs, slices of bread, calcium carbonate, etc. But it is still advisable to talk to your local pet first if your Beagle dog requires or need to undertake any diet. 


When carrying out a home made diet prepared exclusively for the dogs suffering from diseases. It is suggested to the owner to consult a vet first. This way you know what kind of diet your dog should need to undertake if they are suffering from any kind of diseases. 


Normally they only require to take dog diet if they are overweight or if it's suffering from a disease. But I would still consult a Vet first just a precaution.

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Beagle Health Problems and Prevention

Health and Prevention for your Beagle.

Nursing a sick beagle dog is one of the vital measures that a dog owner needs to understand.  When a beagle dog becomes sick, the dog is in need of more care and attention. 


Of course you need extra care when you look after them. For example, a sick beagle dog with high fever can only be given some bread pieces, but it’s best to consult your Vet first, at least this way you know what kind of measures you need to take and that’s including what medicine to give them. 


After giving medication it is advisable to put them in a calm place and should not be disturbed.  During nursing of a beagle dog, they need company and the owner should stroke them so they are aware that you care and you’re around them to help them get better.


 Safety is to be given more priority during the nursing activity in any dog. Another example is when your dog (in general) has severe diarrhea, they will start showing signs of dehydration.


I advise to go to a Vet just to be sure that it’s not anything serious or contagious or something viral that can affect your other pets as well.


No matter how careful you are with your Beagle dog they’ll always be a time of distress because you know they are hurting and in pain. So being there for your dog is always the first priority as this will bring a better relationship between the dog and the owner. 

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Beagle Dogs – Breathing Problems


A beagle that has a breathing problems is life threatening to your dog. Any abnormality to their breathing means they need seek medical advice from your VET immediately. 

Beagle Dogs – Disease Problems

Observing your Beagle Dogs Symptoms and Disease.

Observation of your Beagle dog is your best way to understand – what is happening or knowing the symptoms of your dog. This is just a precaution and it’s good to be aware and you know what measures you need to take to help them when they are in need. And mostly shows when they give a sign of sickness or any kind of serious disease problems that is uncomfortable to them.


Your local VET is always there to help with your beagle problems.

So just give them a call if you are not 100% sure what’s wrong with your beagle dog.

Beagle Dogs – Arthritis Problems

Your Beagle Dog Athritis

Some dogs are more prone to arthritis and this can be a painful health problems for your pet than others but are quite common with the older dogs.

If you find your beagle dog having difficulty moving or having trouble lying down. It’s better to take your beagle dog for an Xray examination to your VET. This way they can let you know what affected joints is hurting your dog.

Beagle Allergy Problems

What to do when your Beagle Dog has allergy?

Allergies can occur in different ways like the food that your beagle dog ate, reaction from grass or carpet or from sniffing flowers around your garden. It is best to observe your dog if you find them uncomfortable on something. Seek medical advice from your VET if your beagle start to react seriously, so they can run a test and what precaution you should take with your dog’s health problems.

Beagle Dogs – Eye Problems

What to do when your Beagle Dog has eye problem?

This “Eye” sickness is when a gland is popping from both corners of each eyes.

It is advisable to take them to a VET immediately as this condition is quite painful for your beagle.

Beagle Dogs – Ear Problems

What to do when your Beagle Dog has ear problems

Ear Problems that has infection are quite common to all beagle dogs.

This kind of ear health problems may cause loss of hearing.

It is advised to see your Vet for immediate action and how to prevent this from happening and also ask how to carefully clean the beagle’s ear.